Savings Account

Secure Your Dreams, Cent by Cent. Discover the Power of Saving with Our Trusted Banking Services.

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Prime Deposit

Elevate Your Wealth Management to Unseen Heights. Experience Excellence with Our Prime Deposit Solutions.

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Current Account

Unlock Financial Fluidity and Control. Embrace Seamless Transactions with Our Current Account Services.

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Loan Services

Turning Aspirations into Reality, One Loan at a Time. Explore Our Customized Loan Services for Your Diverse Financial Needs. Your Journey to Financial Fulfillment Begins Here

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Vision Statement

We envision CSFirst Bank, Inc. as the dominant financial service provider for the farming and trading community in the countryside.


We are committed with high ethical standard and excellence to delivering superior products and services that would enhance the lives of our valued clients, employees and satisfactions to our shareholders and to the people that we reach out and serve.

Mission Statement

To transform the communities we serve through our products and services.


To deliver a sound financial and technical support to the farmers, traders, fisher folks, livestock raisers and entrepreneurs and other sectors that belong to the poor and underprivileged but deserving communities.


To deliver products and services that would cater the needs of our clients that are invariable with protection and care with the environment and passion to truly touch the lives of the underprivileged but deserving communities.


To transform the lives of the communities that we serve through our products, services and corporate social responsibilities that would contribute in nation building.


Loan Services

We made loans easy for you

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Personal Loans

CS First Bank Inc. Personal loan provides for different types of borrowers need

• Minor renovation of residential house
• Tuition/Education
• Purchase of furniture, appliances, electronic gadgets
• Finance special events
• Promote health and wellness
• Payment for medical emergencies
• Other personal purposes

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Small and Medium Enterprise Loans (SME)

Fueling Growth for Small and Medium Enterprises. Our Tailored Loan Solutions Power Your Business Aspirations, CsFirst Bank Inc. got you covered.

• Working capital
• Business expansion
• Purchase of equipment
• Acquisition of real estate property for business
• Construction or renovation of office/business facilities

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Agrarian and Other Agricultural Loans

Cultivating Success, One Loan at a Time. Nourishing Farmers' Dreams with Dedicated Agricultural Financial Support. with CsFirst Bank Inc. Sow the Seeds of Prosperity with Our Tailored Farming Loan Solutions

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Latest Updates

Suspension Of Bank Operation

Due to inclement weather brought by Super Typhoon Carina Bank Operations will be suspended today July 25, 2024 keep safe everyone

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Holiday Advisory

In celebration of "Philippine Independence Day" all branches of CSFirst Bank will be closed on June 12, 2024

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